A Gift From Space: The New Spaceboy Fly “Space” T shirt finally lands



A few weeks ago the internet was sent into a frenzy; with details regarding the up and coming Space boy fly release. With a variety of likes across social media and a hefty pre order demand for its April 10th release date, It is safe to say that this is something the internet has been waiting for.


Well the wait is over!  The new “Space” T shirts are now available from our website. Head over to our store to get yours. Whilst you’re here, you may as well look at some of the fun we had during our London shoot




Space Boy Fly hits the streets of London




Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates and content uploaded to our website in the future, and remember “That Nothing Is Out Of Reach”

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…


Its Christmas jumper day!!


If you’re anything like us, you’ll already be in the Christmas spirit and full of festive cheer, and if not today’s the day you couldn’t hide from it! All over the country, men, women and children alike donned their seasonal knitwear all in the name of a good cause!


We’ve picked our fav winter warmers for you, so even if you didn’t participate today, theres time to have the perfect jumper to snuggle in after Christmas lunch!





Anti the festive period? Grab this womens jumper from River Island, £30


Ice Skater Jumper, Anthropologie, £98


Fairisle Jumper, Whistles, £175




Mens Lambswool Reindeer Crewneck jumper, Gant, £135




Navy Bellfield Bison print knitted jumper, River Island, £40


image1xxl (1)
Reclaimed Vintage Christmas Jumper With Retro Ski Scene, ASOS, £40




We couldn’t leave without plugging our very own SpaceboyFly “We Have Lift Off” sweater, £40! It may not be very festive, but staying fly is a year round affair!


So if its a treat for yourself you’re looking for, or a gift for someone else, with the cold weather rearing its ugly head, any of these are perfect buys! You never know, you might find yourself humming a carol or two in the process…


Happy Holidays! x


Please remember to continue donating and supporting the cause from Save The Children. We support their mission statement; “To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.”  www.savethechildren.org.uk

Its A Scandal To Look This Good!

With the Scandal winter finale causing us all manners of heart palpitations little over a week ago, we at SpaceboyFly HQ found it prudent to destress how we know best, talking fashion!

Now the show is best known for the stylings of the womans who’s really running the country via our beloved POTUS’ heartstrings (aside from the adultery, murder, corruption, coercion, terrorism and multiple bottles of wine and bitchbabies*), Ms Olivia Pope.
The leading ladys closet has been so sought after, that a line available to us non-presidential types that admiring her various capes through to perfectly fitted trouser pants, has been released by American fashion retailer, The Limited. Ranging from $49.95 to $248.00, you too can have your very own White House approved ensemble.
Now as much as we love Ms Pope, she’s not the only one with fashion know how in ShondaLand*, both guys & girls of this twisted tale have upped the fashion stakes this season and their outfit choices have taken on their personalities.
Lets delve into their style files…


Name: Quinn Perkins (born Lyndsey Dwyer)
D.O.B.: 13/08/83 – There’s a 99% chance this is a fib
Occupation: Former B6-13 operative, currently employed at OPA, gladiator & all-round badass!
Style Keyword: Black




Quinn, along with her fashion has transformed before our very eyes. From the perky office assistant to underground operative/assassain, she’s gone from fitted frocks and heels to leather and biker boots. Anything dark and comfortable usually has her name all over it, if she can kick and kill in it, its a go! To emulate Quinns easy yet edgy look, you’ll need four key pieces:
1. A good leather jacket – my current fav is the Cargo Leather Biker Jacket from All Saints priced at £298.00, made from 100% lambskin and finished with must have asymmetrical fastening, its the perfect item to bring edge to any outfit!





2. A durable pair of skinny jeans – I’ve gone for a good staple pair of mid-rise skinny jeans from Zara. These are accented with the popular ripped knee trend, priced happily at £29.99. If you tell people you got the rips fighting baddies trying to infiltrate the government, you’re sure to get more cool points!



3. Solid pair of biker boots – To find comfort and extreme style in footwear can be difficult, but with my super hacking skills (ahem, Google), I’ve tracked down a killer pair of boots that tick both boxes! Burberry’s shearling lined leather biking boots come in at £650.00. Pricy, I know, buuuut LOOK HOW FAB THEY ARE!!




However because we at SBF cater to all, I think the H&M leather boot (£59.99) is a fair substitute!

4. Comfy top – Weeeell obviously I’m going to be a bit biasee here, but honestly what better way to lighten up the whole rogue agent look than to finish your look with a Space Girl Fly T-Shirt avaliable here at £25.00!!




Name: Papa Pope aka Elijah Pope…aka Rowan Pope…aka Command. Phew!
D.O.B.: Unknown. He’s mysterious that way.
Occupation: Head of B-613 & contender for screwed up dad of the century
Style keyword: Average




Deceiving everyone, including those he holds dear is easy to Mr Pope. No stranger to hiding in plain sight, his clothes also reflect this. When do we find him most interesting? When he puts on the daddy and fathers his manipulated daughter. Although he does do it with some Papa Pope swag! Check out our updated take on Command!


1. Zig-zag jumper, Zara, £39.99. Comfy and homely, defo not what Elijah Pope is known for, but completely cool and on trend for you young ones out there! To add edge and dress the look down, why not pair it with…




2. Gant Butter Twill Chinos, £110.00, Gant comfortable in stretch cotton, its the perfect accompniament to a smart casual look.


3. Slip your feet into a pair of Jack Purcell leather trainers in white, £75.00, Reiss




4. Now if you add a little extra to make sure stray away from the “Uncle at Christmas look”, add a SBF snapback £20 to your outfit and finish your look in style.




And there we have it! Two looks from a couple of our beloved Scandal characters, all laid out for you. If you find dressing like them helps with the withdrawl, then by all means go forth gladiator! Remember Nothing Is Out Of Reach!…except another Scandal episode, which is back next year!


See you next time!


Written by Zara Raynold


Pssst…just incase you were confused:

*Bitchbabies – The whiney, moany types.

*ShondaLand- The crazy place we all live, love & loath thanks to Shonda Rhimes and her twisted way of thinking! THANK YOU SHONDA!

If it dont Gel, then it doesn’t make sense!

Hi Guys,


It’s that time again, the return of Fly Fridays. Judging from the responses we recieved regarding our last post;  It is safe to say that our dating edition was helpful lol.  Here at HQ we’re always discussing what we feel is hot or not,  and today we are reviewing the Asics Gel Lyte III.


A truly iconic running trainer,  the Gel Lyte III was first released in 1989 (a year after I was born, which makes you have to check yourself when you think you have started a trend; people have had swag for the longest),  featuring numerous innovative features including the famous split tongue,  something that eliminated the problem of having the tongue slip down the side of the shoe.  Designed to be a comfortable running trainer,  you cant help but gaze at the sleek style of this footwear and want to wear it on a casual day.  They say “History always repeats itself” and in this instance,  the saying is very fitting.  A trainer once considered old school and out of style,  has been reintroduced and is currently killing the trainer market.


Who Can Buy/Benefit from this Product?

ASICS Gel Lyte III can really benefit people from all walks of life.  This runner shoe provides support that you need in jogging or running for extended hours as well as style for general trainer pleasure.  I bought a pair of these and I have been a fan ever since to be honest.


The Look

First off before we talk about how well this trainer supports you whilst running, lets take a minute silence to actually take in how nice these trainers are.


an-exclusive-look-at-the-bait-x-asics-gel-lyte-iii-basics-model-001-vanquish-1    ronnie-fieg-asics-gel-lyte-iii-east-coast-project-03


Ok let us continue.  As I was saying lets indulge in what the sheer brilliance of this trainer.  The Gel Lytte III can be compared to fine wine,  it gets better with time.More popularity,  more time,  more hype has opened the doorway for some crazy colourways and I am sure there are more to come.  With its distinctive look that has been reconstructed over the years to add style and appeal to the fashion conscious person of today,  the Gel Lyte III really is something to marvel at.  It has a split tongue down the middle,  a different coloured sole,  2 sqaures at the front of the trainer,  and Its distinctive crossover stripes on the sides.  These little touches are all used in order to add that touch of style.



Durability is one of the notable aspects that everyone comments about when addressing theASICS Gel Lyte III.  The mesh upper and lightweight nylon are designed to ensure that people who are serious about running can benefit from.  It is like you are walking on clouds is the best way for me to put it.  The trainer is designed to provide added support and comfortability to your heels.


asics-2014-fall-winter-gel-lyte-iii-estate-blue-2 asics-gel-lyte-iii-(estate-blue-glow-in-the-dark)-h438l-5807



The Gel Lyte III are priced around the £99 region,  but if you look hard enough you will be able to find many stores that are selling at a discounted price,  so dont fear.


Thanks for reading another Fly Fridays post,  and I do hope that you have all enjoyed.  I hope you all have a good time,  what ever it is that you are doing and to remember that Nothing Is Out Of Reach


Written by Lance Agyepong

Fly Fridays – Dating Edition

Gracious K’s top 6 dating tips:







Hi guys I hope everyone is doing good. Here you will find my top 6 tips for dating. Now guys a lot of the time when I catch up with my female friends they always seem to have some dreadful experience regarding a first date. I sit there and listen carefully and 90% of the time, it does seem as though; we as men are making the same common errors. Mistakes in which I myself have made in the past thinking that was the way to go forward. I hope by reading this post, you can be well equipped to have a very enjoyable first date.


1. Punctuality – A woman likes to know that you can be on time even if she isn’t. If it is a first date try and get to her a bit early to show her that your keen but don’t arrive so early that she’s still in her towel, because this will not go down so well. If anything she will make you wait for her In the car whilst she calls her girlfriends and says “he’s like an hour early” then you go from keen and ahead of time, to early and in some women’s minds thirsty. I say arriving 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule is perfect as she may be a person who is ready on time or she may be somebody who takes that much longer, but either way once she speaks to her friends she will definitely bring up the your punctuality. A way to stay ahead of time is by owning a good watch.



Emporio Armani AR6039 Tazio Mens Watch

RRP: £235.00


2. Chivalry isn’t dead – Guys do not be afraid to be gentlemen! It will not make you look soft, in fact it will make you more appealing to her and you will come across grown. Remember to tell her how nice she looks, and do not be afraid to pull out chairs and open doors. Be smooth with it, definitely try to be denzel and not Carlton. Women believe that there aren’t any gentlemen left in the world and it is your job to prove them wrong.


3. No sex talk – Fellas as hard as this may be for you, stay away from it even if she initiates it. Don’t interrupt a lovely evening by being hungry and asking what’s your favourite position, because 9/10 times it will result in you possibly not getting a call back. Some women are very open and may have this conversation with you but will surely think that you are a tad bit fast which is never a way to go. Don’t use this opportunity to start confessing your fantasies, please relax with that until the time is right. Sex talk comes later during the getting to know one another period, It can happen either before or after sex so there’s no rush in finding out about her deepest desires just be patient! What better way to keep it in your pants than by having a quality belt.



Ralph Lauren Double-keeper leather belt

RRP: £50


4. Don’t be tight – Guys basic principal that a lot of women are letting me know is that if you cannot  afford it, then why suggest it. Time and time again you take a woman out to dinner with a set price in your head and when she exceeds the budget you start sweating lol. No female wants to go halves on a first date with you. There is still a very large community of woman who are very traditional in there thinking, believing that the man should pay if he is taking her out. Even if she does decide to half the bill with you, after stabbing you and insulting you many times in her mind, it is rare that you will get a second date. Find a restaurant that is in your price range that allows you to be flexible just incase. The problem comes from trying to go to the most expensive restaurant when your balance does not account for the fact that she might have a taste for excessive cocktails lol don’t ever assume she may just want one. I would recommend a nice wallet to store your money rather than your back pocket, trust me presentation is everything.



Polo Ralph Lauren Pebble Grain Leather Wallet

RRP: £50


5. Don’t ask for petrol money – This may sound stupid to you but I assure you this is a regular thing. Men lose their minds and ask the ladies at the end of the night for petrol money. Even if a lady offers, you need to swiftly let her know not to be silly and then play on that with something like “Petrol money you know, what sort of guys have you dated in the past” imagine you have a lovely evening and on the way home you stop at a petrol station fill up then stick you head in the door and stare at her lol! Just be prepared for the possibility of her not answering your phone calls.



6. End of the night antics – This is probably one of the most important moves you have to play or not play, when trying to get a second date. This could determine what happens next. Now unless she pulls you in, try to avoid asking her if you can “come up” after dropping her home. You are a gentlemen, not somebody in need of water: chat to your little friend and tell him to relax. Avoid cheesy lines like “are you going to be alright by yourself, you sure you don’t want me to come up and protect you” or any jazz like that please this isn’t Love actually and those type of lyrics usually may earn you a “I’m alright but thank you for the offer”. If she asks you to come in then this game changes and you can either go in or you could flip it on its head and give a response in the region of “I would love to but I have an early start tomorrow, but thank you for a lovely evening” then proceed to kiss her on the cheek and keep it moving. Risky move though, could either turn her on and she bundles you into the crib or she could think the opposite and be offended. Usually females will like the idea that you wasn’t trying to get in her knickers on the first date.



Dior Homme Eau For Men

RRP: £50


With all the tips and tricks that I have given you now comes the most important part; what to wear. Now this all depends on where you will be going and what you will be doing. Today lets say we are going on a casual date for examples sake, either the cinema, bowling, go karting or just to lunch. Now you wouldnt attend something like go karting wearing a three piece armani suit and bowler hat, instead I suggest something along these lines; firstly a Space Boy Fly hat sets the tone. Now ideally I would say get a fresh trim, but if your barber is anything like mine then getting a booking can be chaos.





Spaceboy Fly Snapback

RRP: £19.99


Then comes the body, depending on the weather I would recommend a nice sweater to go along with your headgear; something warm and comfortable.





Spaceboy Fly “We have Lift off” Sweater

RRP: £39.99


I would also recommend some stylish Jeans to compliment the outfit. Now me personally I am all about the rips but it is entirely up to you, as long as you look neat then you are good to go.





River Island Mens Straight Jeans

RRP: £45


We come to our final piece of clothing, and for me this is the most important. I dont know why but I have always felt that the first thing a lady critiques you on is your choice of footwear and there condition. Below are a pair of trainers that we at HQ definitely consider Fly.




Nike Terra 180

RRP: £110


So now that you know what to wear and how best to wear them, It is only fitting that you go out and enjoy that first date! I bid you farewell, goodluck and remember Nothing Is Out Of Reach


Welcome to the world of Spaceboy Fly

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. So here’s a brief update of what I have been doing over the last few months. whilst away, I have been in the studio preparing new music and perfecting the sound that I intend to run with. I am really focusing on getting it right and coming back out with the highest level of excellence. As well as music, the most exciting thing that I have been doing during my time away is developing my very own clothing brand, Space Boy Fly (S.B.F).

Founded in 2012, the idea behind the brand was to design a style of clothing that is not only quirky and fresh but presents a particular level of excellence. S.B.F is a brand that not only caters to “Street culture”, but will also create cohesive pieces that will take S.B.F into another dimension.

S.B.F is more than just clothing, it is a lifestyle and when you wear it, you will understand that Nothing Is Out Of Reach; and this ideal is what the world will soon come to know. We are already a very popular and growing community consisting of your favourite celebrities, bloggers, musicians, and YOU. Following the slogan “Nothing is out of reach“, this brand intends to prove just that.

I am very excited about this new venture and what the future has in store and I wanted to share with you this new part of my lifes Journey. Below are some images of the clothing with a lot more to come so enjoy and keep everything Spaceboy Fly. P.S don’t watch the baby face in the first picture focus only on the T-shirt LOL over and out.




Gracious K and Jeremy Boateng rocking both a Spaceboy Fly “We Have lift off” Sweater, and “Space” Hoodied top both available from our store